Hand Bike

One strength coach I’ve been following for the last year or so is coach Sam Calavitta. He trains a lot of grapplers and MMA athletes out of his garage in California. Apparently, he’s an award-winning high school calculus teacher and has students coming from all over the globe to learn calculus from him. I also heard he used to work for NASA in the past, so he’s a pretty smart dude.

I’m always looking for new equipment and exercises to have my athletes and clients do that will produce results and keep things fun and interesting to avoid monotony and boredom. I’ve spent money on expensive things that I didn’t like so it’s nice to get something you love as well as your clients that don’t break the bank. The hand peddler was only around $85 on Amazon. We use it within circuits and do it anywhere from 30-40 seconds.

Power Push Up

Push-ups are superior to your barbell or dumbbell bench press in many ways because of the scapular protraction and retraction you can get and because of the core engagement involved. You don’t get those with barbell or dumbbell bench presses. The problem with push-ups, however, often times is loading them. As you get stronger with push-ups it becomes less beneficial from a strength perspective. If you can do a lot, say 30 plus (I’m being somewhat vague here), that many really won’t help as much to increase strength or gain muscle as much as if you could only do 10-15 reps. At this point using something to provide an external load would be beneficial. The Spri Power Push-Up does this with the bands by providing accommodating resistance.


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