Cliff Hagerman – MMA Athlete and Jiu Jitsu Competitor

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Cliff Hagerman – MMA Athlete and Jiu Jitsu Competitor

I’ve been training with Chris off and on for years.

The greatest thing about the Urban Strength Institute is that Chris takes all the guesswork out of it.

If you show up and give your best effort, you WILL achieve your desired results.

I’ve worked with Chris for fat loss, endurance training, and strength training and have never been disappointed.

I’ve been an athlete in some form for most of my life and starting weight training at a very young age. However, since I began working with Chris I have had my eyes opened to methods I had never been exposed to that produces tremendous results.

The things you learn from Chris will stick with you so that even if or when you stop training at USI, you have the knowledge to stay in shape.

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