Jaime Gamboa – Karate Black Belt

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Jaime Gamboa – Karate Black Belt

Urban Strength Institute is by far the best place I’ve ever trained at. I’ve seen Chris working with clients of all types of fitness level: from the average Joe who has never trained before, to the Elite athlete getting ready for major competitions such as Karate World Championships, International BJJ competitions, and even Olympic Games aspiring athletes–He works with all. He definitely knows his stuff!

About the Trainer: Chris is one, if not the most, knowledgeable fitness coach I’ve ever had. He will certainly push you, create a personalized plan for you, teach you everything you need to know to do the exercise correctly, and he tracks every single thing. Which helps with your progress tremendously. There are 3 things I like the most about Chris:

1) Motivation is key, he makes sure you feel comfortable and confident in each set. He always monitors you and adapts everything to your needs and level.
2) He truly cares about technique. A lot of trainers never correct your technique. Chris makes sure you’re doing the exercise 100% correct to make sure you really are getting results.
3) Planning. As 23 years of experience Karate practitioner and Martial Artists, I cannot stress enough the importance of a plan. With Chris, each workout will be planned out and saved to keep track of your progress. Because YOU WILL SEE PROGRESS!

About the facility:
Great equipment and great facility! You get to work at a place with state of the art equipment. There are some machines, bars, dumbbells that I had never even seen before. USI has it all. No workout will ever be the same.

I competed in Karate for over 20 years. After a year-long hiatus from competition, I got really out of shape and started experiencing more injuries than ever. Thanks to USI and Chris I feel stronger than ever, more conditioned than before, extra motivated and confident, and completely injury free. In fact, the few injuries I’ve had, since I started training with Chris, while training Karate have recovered faster than ever (It only took a couple days to recover from twisting a knee and popping a shoulder, which before training at USI it would always take WEEKS!) I attribute this to USI. Thanks to USI and Chris, I will definitely be hitting the competition mats again in 2018.

If you’re looking to see real progress at the right place, this is your place.

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