Ted Carlson – Strength Coach

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Ted Carlson – Strength Coach

I myself have been a trainer for a long time… When you walk in the door at Urban Strength Institute the first sensation you get is: this place is special. Everywhere you look reveals specialized equipment and tools that most “certified” trainers have never seen in their lives.

Chris (the owner) has gone to great lengths in stocking his facility with what he believes is necessary, and has proven to be effective for delivering results on the gym floor.

Now fair warning… Chris is not a politician, he’s a strength coach. And he is a damn good coach at that. He is not going to make any effort to say things you want to hear so you’ll sign up at USI. I’ve seen him turn people away. Likewise, he probably not says things in a way that makes you feel comfortable, while he will never, ever, tell you anything but the truth. And there is a pretty good chance you won’t really like him much, while at the same time you will have amazing results if you follow his guidance.

I have been consulting and training with Chris Grayson for nearly a decade. He has always delivered solid training advice. I know of no other trainer today that puts as much time into reading and developing the craft of training as he does.

If you are one of those people who think that just signing up to the gym and hiring a trainer is “enough” or that somehow having a receipt in your pocket will magically trim the fat off your ass… I highly recommend you do NOT go to USI.

If you have come to terms with that fact that you do not have it figured out, and that you do want the results that consistently end up just out of your reach, USI is a sure bet for getting what you want out of your training.

I highly recommend USI, and when you think you’re ready and willing to hear it straight, I’m confident you will agree.

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