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Regardless if you know practically nothing about training or you have a fair amount of knowledge it can be easy to get overwhelmed and allow anxiety to get in your way of executing productive workouts. This can be lack of knowledge or from the “curse of knowledge”. I’ve personally suffered from this. I’ve found that one of the best ways to solve this problem is by having what I call a playbook. A playbook is a list of all the exercises that you can do based off the equipment at your disposal and the exercises you like to do. We categorize them so you have a plug-and-play system that’s easy to draw from.  Even professional sports team have a playbook that they utilize so why not have a playbook for training?

Here is a PDF of my current Playbook

Once I create your playbook I help you:


Anything that I believe to be helpful I help with. My goal is to help you as much as possible because if you succeed then I succeed. I want to become the best coach possible because I love what I do and I love solving problems. I’m not in this industry to be average or because of money. Money has never really motivated me or been a driving force in my work as a strength and conditioning coach.

Me and my friend Ben with world renown strength coach Charles Poliquin.

Me with Joel Jaimeson at his Bioforce Certified Conditioning Coach course.

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