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(One of my favorite multi-vitamins and here’s the link to get it

The soils depleted of nutrients due to pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, ammonium nitrates and whatever other crap that gets laid on. Because of this, we don’t know what we’re eating anymore. The vitamin and mineral content isn’t what it used to be yet we’re still told by the FDA what the content of our food is using outdated nutritional information (I’ve heard as outdated as 1973). So taking a GOOD QUALITY multi is like having an insurance policy. You’ll hopefully be making up for what is lacking in your diet.

Add to the fact that we’re exposed to a lot more chemicals and pollution than ever before, and you need certain vitamins and minerals to process and remove this waste through certain pathways.

I capitalized good quality because like most things you get what you pay for. The issue with vitamins and minerals is absorption. For example, magnesium oxide is the worst absorbable form of magnesium, and one of the best absorbable forms is magnesium glycinate. If you get a multi-vitamin where you can buy diapers or tires for your car the quality is likely to be poor.

Common vitamin and mineral deficiences in the United States according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control)

90 million are vitamin D deficient.
18 million are vitamin B6 deficient.
30 million are vitamin B12 deficient.
16 million are vitamin C deficient.

Recently an editorial came out by Annals of Internal Medicine that claimed that taking a multi-vitamin or minerals is a waste of your money. Perhaps you stumbled upon this on Facebook or somewhere on the web and now, unfortunately, believe this bs.( Dr. Rhonda Patrick did a great job exposing what was wrong with this study, and you can watch that video here (I’m a big fan of Dr. Rhonda)

A few of my favorite multi-vitamins.

When someone starts training here I send them a GENERAL HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE that was developed by Dr. James LaValle. There are 12 categories to the questionnaire. A very high percentage of people score poorly in:

  • Blood Sugar and Insulin
  • Adrenal Function
  • Environmental Impacts (toxicity).

If they score poorly in blood sugar I like this multi the best.

If they score poorly in adrenal function I like this one.

And if they score poorly in environmental toxicity I like this one.

Here is a great video of Dr. Rhonda Patrick talking about the importance of taking a multi-vitamin.

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