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I’ve been using the Push Band for over a year now and it’s a game changer. There is a lot of interesting technology and gadgets coming out in the fitness industry, some are absolutely worthless, some decent, and some great, and the Push Band is damn good.

They had a Q and A with me regarding what I like about Push and how I use it here at USI.

Below is the first paragraph of the article, a video of a power workout done here using the Push Band, and a link to the article on the Train with Push website. 

“The advantages of quantifying velocity and effort for athletic performance are clear, but the benefits that gym-based athlete monitoring concepts bring to personal training programs are equally as impactful. We sat down with Chris Grayson, owner of the Urban Strength Institute in Chicago to discuss how he has incorporated PUSH into his daily training environment, reaping the benefits of wearable technology and electronically tracking client progress, taking his facility to the next level.”

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