Alex Truong

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Alex Truong

I have been training with Chris Grayson for nearly a year now and here are the main reasons I believe USI is an absolute gem: – Chris truly cares about your performance. Your progress is his top priority so he will not hesitate to talk to you honestly even if you don’t like it. 

He is very knowledgeable. He always strives to learn more to provide the best service. 

He is professional and well organized. He is always on time, tracks every single workout, uses a cool electronic calendar that helps a lot if you have a busy schedule. 

He teaches you how to workout by showing movement with proper technique, tempo, and rest time and also how to track the results from the workout. You can use this when working out on your own and easily set a realistic goal for each set. 

He practices what he preaches. No doubt, dude is in shape. 

He seeks for the best equipment. 

 Finally, the gym is very clean. What motivates me the most is seeing the people training with Chris. The ones that commit to it really show results. I have trained in many gyms with different personal trainers. Chris is by far the best. I would strongly recommend his service to anyone.

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