Jaspaul Gill – MMA Competitor

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Jaspaul Gill – MMA Competitor

Through college, I have been competing on an amateur level in boxing and kickboxing as well as training in various grappling arts.

When I moved to Chicago for university I wanted to find a strength and conditioning coach that could take my performance to the next level.

Having had some experience with run of the mill coaches and trainers in the past, Chris immediately stood out to me because of his passion for what he does, his intelligence, and his insistence that I not only do what he says but understand the rationale behind it as well.

When I started training with him out of the basement of Gracie Barra academy he was residing in at the time, I was struck not only by his accommodating and flexible scheduling, but the fact that everytime I would show up he’d be reading up on either a research study pertaining to his field or planning his next trip to a highly credentialed seminar.

This is emblematic of Chris’ entire approach to his industry.

Needless to say training with him through his move to USI, I have had not only the opportunity to see real increases in my own athletic performance and conditioning translate to results in the ring, but have had higher energy levels and a better understanding of myself psychologically when it comes to training.

Further, I have been in the gym with him training clients with goals as diverse as their backgrounds and demographics.

During this time I have never conversed with anyone, competitive athletes or just people looking to get in shape, that have had anything less than outstanding things to say about Chris.

He is the most intelligent, well informed, and possibly most motivated strength and conditioning coach I have ever come across and I cannot think of another business that I can more confidently endorse than USI.

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