Justin Pak

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Justin Pak

I joined the Urban Strength Institute to improve my cardiovascular conditioning for other sports as well as increase my overall body strength. I had previously worked out on my own but would quit after a few months because I would plateau in my strength gains and get bored with the doing the same exercises over and over. Training with Chris Grayson has been the best fitness decision I have made for the following reasons:

– Chris designs a program to suit your needs. If you want to get leaner, he’ll design a specific program for you. Need to strengthen a specific area? He’ll design another program for you. Whatever you need fitness-wise, he can design the program to meet your goals.
– Just because Chris designs the program doesn’t mean that you are on your own; he will demonstrate the proper technique to execute the exercise at the proper tempo, and, if you want, explain to you the purpose of the specific exercise and the muscle group(s) it targets.
– The exercises for each program changes after every four weeks, so your body can not only grow stronger but also be challenged and not plateau.
– Chris keeps a track of your performance in each workout and uses it to not only gauge performance, but make adjustments to your program as needed.
– Chris is always studying the latest research to find and purchase the best exercise equipment for his clients. There are things here that I have never seen in any other gym.
– Beyond the exercise component, Chris is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and makes good nutrition a repeated point of emphasis to all who train with him.

I have been training with Chris for about two years now and have received compliments from friends and colleagues about how my body is much more defined and trimmer since I started working out with him. Not only can I lift more weight, my cardio has improved greatly as well, and my nutrition and eating habits have changed because of his guidance. I can’t recommend Chris and the USI enough- this IS the best-kept secret in Chicago.

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