Livia Cook – USMC Officer

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Livia Cook – USMC Officer

I 100% recommend going to see Chris and trying the Urban Strength Institute to achieve your fitness goals: Chris is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping people succeed, and he will give you an honest opinion about the best plan for you. Also, because he invests in top-of-the-line equipment and monitoring devices, so he can offer a large variety of exercises and the ability to gather performance information.

In sum, if you show up and follow his advice, you will see results, regardless of your current level of fitness. (Before and After pic below)

Now for my own personal experience: I have been training at the Urban Strength Institute since June 2017, and it was nothing short of a life-changing decision.

Before I joined, I was underweight and frustrated with the little to no progress I was making from working out at other gyms. Although I had no problem dragging myself to the gym, trying to guess what to do and when to increase difficulty/weight just made it confusing, ineffective, and boring. Ultimately, I would default to group classes that never seemed tailored to my own goals and fitness level.

Then, within only a couple of months at the USI, I started seeing actual progress, although not as fast as I really wanted. Chris kept me motivated and explained to me the importance of also changing my diet, ensuring quality sleep/rest, and he constantly modified my training to maximize gains.

I followed his advice and in only 4-5 months the results are undeniable: I am unrecognizable in pictures (in a good way) having gained 30lbs of muscle; I am objectively much stronger (Chris writes down every session so you can see and compare your own progress); and I went from doing 0 to 8+ consecutive pull-ups, which was a BIG goal of mine.

Going forward, I have absolute confidence in Chris’ plan to continue my improvement.

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