Steve Cascio

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Steve Cascio

Urban Strength Institute is not your typical city gym or personal training joint. With a wide array of modern, top-notch equipment, there are always options for your training programs. USI is always adding in new pieces of equipment that you’re not going to have access to at an ordinary gym.

If you’re looking to get serious about your health and take your fitness to the next level, then Chris Grayson can help you. As many others have already pointed out, Chris is a continual learner and has a wealth of knowledge. When you train with Chis, you’re not only a trainee, but you’re a student. Chris really wants to impart knowledge to those he trains, but it’s also obvious that he wants to listen to you too.

The training programs at USI are always tailored to your individual goals. If you want to cut fat and get lean, Chris knows just what you should be doing. If you want to bulk and add size and strength, well Chris knows just what you ought to do for that.

The impressive thing about training at USI is that Chris stresses nutrition as much as he does strength training. I would say nutrition is the one area that Chris has helped me with the most. The thing about Chris is that he is interested in helping you holistically because he knows that fitness goes beyond just cardio or strength training, but extends to other disciplines in your life.

If you want to make fitness goals and take practical steps toward achieving them, you want to contact Chris. He has certainly helped me, and I know he can help you as well.

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