Veronica Mayorga – Jiu Jitsu Competitor

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Veronica Mayorga – Jiu Jitsu Competitor

Three months after having my second child, I had the privilege of training with Chris Grayson at USI.

He definitely knows what he is doing!

After two months of training with him three times a week I saw results I was never able to achieve on my own at the neighborhood gym in years!

I never imagined having a six pack 5 months after having a baby!

He is a great person, very knowledgeable and has amazing nutrition advice that if you follow, will help you keep those pounds off even after you stop training with him.

He guides you during the workouts, he gives you nutrition advice, but at the end of the day, as I read on one of his videos; Results are not guaranteed… They are earned!!!

It gives me great satisfaction to contemplate my reflection in the mirror and to know that what I see is the result of my dedication, hard work and the great advice of Chris Grayson.

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