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I was pumped once I heard Designs For Health was coming out with this bar.

Stuff like this can really be a solution to one of my biggest problems while at work, and that is what to eat. Either I’d go out for lunch and end up eating something not so healthy, and I’m talking food at the ready to eat bar at Whole Foods that most people think are healthy (not healthy mainly because of the canola oil/vegetable oil they use, which is a pro-inflammatory), or I just wouldn’t eat. Plus, eating out I would end up spending more money than I really wanted. So this bar solves two problems for me, 1) I get a healthy snack and 2) I save some money.

Financial expert and New York Times best-selling author David Ramsey says to pay off your credit card with the lowest amount owed as opposed to the one with the highest interest rate so you get a win, which leads to empowerment from success. Your diet/nutrition can benefit the exact same way. Get an easy win as opposed to being stressed about overhauling some big habit. So have a healthy snack like the KTO Bar along with a piece of fruit like an organic apple and that’s at least one win for the day. Hopefully doing easy stuff like this leads to more changes and before you know it you lose some body fat and look and feel better.

This bar tastes delicious. I’ve had about five people that train here tell me it’s either the best bar they’ve ever had or that they simply love it and then end up buying a whole box of bars (12 come in a box).

Keto diets are all the buzz right now. I personally don’t follow a ketogenic diet but I do adjust my fats and carbs so I can have the metabolic flexibility to use both sources of fuel well. I’m a big believer in earning your carbs through training or fueling your body with the right fuel (fats and carbs) depending on the specific workout/training you’re about to take part in.

Here is a link to the bars and if you put in the code FIRST15TODAY you will receive a 15% discount.

And here is a link to the tech sheet that will tell you more about the KTO Bar.

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